August-October 2018

Coil building process and experimentation of organic forms. During these first few months, many objects did not make it… Most objects didn’t get fired, and many more were repurposed. This was the first time I really worked with cone 6 kilns and glazes, so a lot of the beginning work was unfired, painted post firing, or brushed with underglazes.

In this same phase of experimentation, I returned the figure (something I love working with and feeling somewhat comfortable with) to see how/if I could incorporate the figure back into my clay works. During these tests, I struggled to find that comfort I previously had with the figure (from drawing) and found myself painting with slip on paper… It led to a fairly interesting and fun shift in my thought process moving forward.

What Have I Become

September-November 2018

“What Have I Become” is an experimentation of clay’s limitations/abilities. This set explores development and response to guidelines (the found wood as the guideline) while allowing all material to be more than it is. While producing this work, I was interested in the relationship each natural, but processed, material had to the body. How does it change/decay? What does their interaction do? How is movement being embedded or enhanced?

Mirror Games

December 2018

Process and final images from an experimental work. In this piece, I used exercises and themes from dance to influence the structure. Specifically thinking about a mirroring exercise in which two dancers stand face to face and follow one another to create the sense that they are looking in a mirror. Neither has choreography. Neither can use their voice. Neither knows who is in charge. It is an exercise in honing in on awareness of your body and other dancers. “Mirror Games” was built at the distance apart that they are exhibited. A test in response and balance.

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