Hi! Welcome to my newly redesigned website! It will be a place for me to track all of my projects, both past and current, and will be where I will document the growth of my work as well as the ideas that drive what I am doing. In the past, I’ve kept my “blog” as a written journal or I’ve had a completely separate website. I am hoping that the integration of the two can be a way to combine my thinking processes to help me see the thinks I’ve created with the ideas I’m moving towards.

On the “Portfolio” section of my website, you will be able to find the documentation of the process for my projects as well as final images and thoughts for that body of work. Since I will be starting my MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a candidate in Ceramics in just a couple of weeks, I’m planning on posting about my experience and progression of ideas more regularly that I used to in both the “Portfolio” and “Blog” sections.

Speaking of the “Blog” section. I will be using this to work through ideas. I’ve found that writing and typing help me work through thoughts that sometimes get jumbled in my head. That section will be a thought journal. It may turn into word vomit at times… but I want to it be more of an informal way of talking about art theory, art practice, education, and life. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave comments on the posts themselves, or shoot me an email!

To find out a little more about me, check out the “Contact” section for my artist statement/bio! Again, I love feedback, so feel free to shoot me an email if yoKashikar_Reva_Headshot_smallu have questions/comments about what I’m doing or if you’re interested in collaborating on a project.

Lastly, I will be opening an online store! I’ve been working these past few years on improving my functional ware (and will always be improving!) and feel like I am at a point that I’d like to share my work with you. Mosey on over to the “Shop” section to find functional work as well as mini sections that have been redesigned from my installations!

I’m excited to start sharing all of this with everyone, but still have some work to do updating each section of this new website. If you’d like to get updates on shows, new posts, or would like to be added to my mailing list, send me an email with your basic contact information (name, email, address) and I’ll be sure to add you!

~ Reva

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